Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How much do you care? And how wise is it for you to care even that
much? Are you wasting a lot of precious emotional energy on an
undeserving subject? Would you be better off cutting your losses and
getting involved with something less stressful instead? Yes, if you
want a quiet life. But, then, since when have you ever wanted a quiet
life? You knew you were buying into trouble when you first made a
certain commitment. Now, the New Moon brings both the trouble... and
the reward.<end/> <followontag>Need to know more? A full chart
reading, based on your exact date of birth will equip you with all the
information you need to see your current problems in perspective and
become ready to seize forthcoming opportunities. <a
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Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<end/><thought>Is it time to make a clean break with a part of your
past? Today's solar eclipse is especially auspicious for all who have
been thinking about doing things differently. Just make a small but
sincere gesture of commitment to your new plan at some point during
the next 24 hours. You may also find the eclipse is good for making
wishes and healing wounds. I'm currently testing out various
traditional beliefs about the way in which eclipses influence us... so
if today's events happen to leave you with an exceptional tale to
tell, please drop me a line! (Email: <A
Feedback'>feedbackforum@bubble.com</a>)<br>For an interesting animated
graphic showing the path of the eclipse - <A
TARGET='_parent'>click here</a><br>If you'd like to supply some
Eclipse feedback...<br>please keep a little diary of your day. Write
down anything significant that happens to - or around - or within you
during the next 24 hours. Then send it to me in e-mail along with a
little personal information. Where and when were you born? Where were
you when the eclipse took place? Did you actually notice it happening?
Any other background factors about your life that might prove
relevant? I'd like to study all the replies and then share some of the
most interesting stories here on this web site. Please therefore,
state whether you<br>a) don't mind your story appearing<br>b) don't
mind as long as any details that could identify you are kept
private<br>c) don't want ANY of what you are telling me to be
public.<br>If it's a) you may also like to attach a little photo of
yourself! Email: <A
Feedback'>feedbackforum@bubble.com</a><br>Many astrological traditions
say that an eclipse can have an impact on your life up to THREE MONTHS
after the event takes place. If you do contribute to this service,
whether privately or publically, I may drop you a further e-mail in
three months to ask if there's been any change that you can directly
connect to today's eclipse.<br>Please don't expect a personal reply to
contribution. I'll definitely read it... but I simply may not have
time to thank you personally.</thought><p><b><font 'arial,helvetica'
size='-1'>Ever wondered what you really came here for? Your full
personal birth chart contains vital information about your
astrological inheritance. It explains what makes you special, where
your greatest talents lie... and how you can make the most of your
every opportunity. Your personal horoscope is unique... and if you
don't know what yours contains, you're missing out on one of the best
kept secrets of the universe. <a
target=_parent>Click here</a> to become inspired and enlightened.

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