Sunday, March 19, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Monday, March 20, 2006

<a href='' target='_new'><b>Eric</b></a>
writes: Your life is not so much filled with confusion as it is with
fertile chaos. But your doubts are pointing you toward greater
awareness that you have faith in yourself. If you experience doubt,
remember that your fears have rarely come true, and that you have
consistently accomplished more than you thought you could.
Self-confidence is more like a game than it is like a physical
structure - and, right now, you're more responsive than ever to your
own positive encouragement. Remember, you have a specific goal, even
if the details have yet to be revealed.<end/><br> <followontag>You
have just read your sun sign forecast. Other factors in the sky
though, may now be influencing your personal birth chart. For a full
horoscope reading from Jonathan <a
target='_parent'>click here</a> to instantly download

Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<end/>Jonathan is away for a few days. Your forecasts today are
written by the highly respected astrologer, <a
href='' target='_new'>Eric Francis</a>,
creator of the fascinating web magazine, <a
target='_new'></a>.<br><thought>Eric writes: Today
marks the end of the astrological year, which stretches from the first
day of Aries to the last day of Pisces. Tomorrow is the day we think
of as being the one when dark and light are equal, and night and day
are the same length throughout the world: the vernal equinox. This
phenomenon actually lasts about a week. Since Saturday, the Sun has
been hanging around zero degrees of declination, where it will remain
until Wednesday. For most of today, the Sun is lingering in the last
degree of Pisces, one of those mystical parts of the zodiac. All this
adds up to a time when visioning means more than usual. The cosmos is
like a theatre with perfectly tuned acoustics. You don't need to speak
loudly - you just need to speak clearly.</thought><p><font
size=-1><b>Site Update:</b> This week we are proud to announce the
return of our <a href='/fforum/forum.html' target='main'>Feedback
Forum</a> - the pages where YOU get your say... <b><a
href='/fforum/forum.html' target='main'>click
here</a></b>.</font><p>Your <a
target='_parent'><b>Guide to the Future</b></a> from Jonathan - takes
your full personal birth-chart and then performs thousands of
additional calculations to compare each planetary position from the
day you were born with the positions that the planets are occupying in
the sky right now. This is a time-honoured method of prediction that
consistently produces stunningly accurate results. <a
target='_parent'>To instantly download yours click here</a>.

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