Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Thursday, March 23, 2006

The days and nights may now be of equal length but they are not of
equal importance! You've got some tasks that you can only carry out
between certain hours yet you keep remembering them at moments when it
is not possible to do much about them. This may be partially because
you are not entirely sure how far you really want to travel down a
certain road. Your head says one thing; your heart says another. Try
to get them both talking to each other. If you can reach a state of
inner certainty, everything will get easier.<end/> <followontag>For a
complete set of totally personal predictions have 'Your Guide to the
Future' emailed direct to you <a
target='_parent'>click here</a> to instantly download

Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<end/><thought> Hi Jonathan,<br>I was surprised to learn that your
forecasts also appear in other countries. How can that be? Surely, the
stars are in different positions when seen from different places
around the globe?<br>Linda<p>Dear Linda,<br>The sky does look
different in different places. You can't, for example, see the
Southern Cross from the Northern hemisphere. The Sun and Moon, though,
are visible all over the world. They, along with the planets on whose
movements I base my predictions, travel along a path called 'the
ecliptic'. This looks exactly the same, no matter where you view it
from.</thought><p>Once a week, every week, I record an in-depth
forecast for each sign. It gives me the chance to go into the kind of
detail that I could never cover in a written prediction. People tell
me that they find these spoken readings very accurate and inspiring.
All I know is that something amazing seems to happen when I give them.
A sense of magic descends. And a powerful picture starts to paint
itself. If you've ever called the phoneline services, you'll know what
I mean. And now, it's possible to hear your forecast through your
computer. It costs less to download your weekly forecast than to hear
it through a phone call and the first month of your subscription is
absolutely free. <a
target='_parent'>Click here to give it a try.</a>

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