Sunday, March 26, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Monday, March 27, 2006

As we approach the New Moon, we find you wondering what's possible and
considering, even if a goal is attainable, whether it is worth the
effort. Current events are throwing, into very sharp relief, the
difference between what you truly need and what you simply think you
require. If there is discomfort now, it stems from an inability to
distinguish between the two. The same applies in your personal life.
You have what you need. And as for what you have not got, trust me.
You really don't want it!<end/> <followontag>For a complete set of
totally personal predictions have 'Your Guide to the Future' emailed
direct to you <a
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Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<end/><thought>A fascinating article in the latest edition of the New
Scientist describes 'gravitational corridors' between all the major
bodies in our solar system. These work rather like underground tube
lines. They form a network of shifting, invisible tunnels that could
allow space ships to travel using very little energy. Jupiter,
apparently, is a 'central station' in this system. All this is fact,
not fiction... and to me, it is a real revelation. Until now, sceptics
have always insisted that no such connections exist... and that this
was one reason why there could never be any logical basis for
astrology!</thought><p>Once a week, every week, I record an in-depth
forecast for each sign. It gives me the chance to go into the kind of
detail that I could never cover in a written prediction. People tell
me that they find these spoken readings very accurate and inspiring.
All I know is that something amazing seems to happen when I give them.
A sense of magic descends. And a powerful picture starts to paint
itself. If you've ever called the phoneline services, you'll know what
I mean. And now, it's possible to hear your forecast through your
computer. It costs less to download your weekly forecast than to hear
it through a phone call and the first month of your subscription is
absolutely free. <a
target='_parent'>Click here to give it a try.</a>

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