Thursday, March 23, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Friday, March 24, 2006

Do you think you can see trouble coming? Then why not try looking in
the other direction? You may be able to make it vanish if you just
ignore it long enough. Not convinced? Well then, turn and face it head
on. See if that scares it away. Actually, this weekend, you are likely
to have success with either policy. That's because trouble is not
coming. It is just lurking on the horizon, and that's where it intends
to stay - unless you start trying to attract its attention by making
it an offer that it simply can't refuse!<end/> <followontag>Reveal
the astrological secrets of your future, today. For a complete set of
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Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<end/><thought>Dear Jonathan,<br>I'm a Virgo and I love astrology. My
Leo partner, though, wants to know why, when he reads his forecast in
two publications, they will each say something
different.<br>Thanks,<br>Mags<p>Dear Mags,<br>We astrologers all study
the same sky. Though we are bound to see (or say) things differently
every so often, we agree with each other more often than you might
think. I suspect there's another reason why your partner doubts
astrology. While Virgos enjoy exploring what they have in common with
other Virgos, Leos hate to feel they are anything other than
unique!</thought><p><center><b><font 'arial,helvetica' size='-1'>Is
there a big issue rising up in your life?<br>Have you got a pressing
question?<br>Are you wrestling with a difficult dilemma?<br>You need
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detail for a fraction of the price you would normally pay for a person
consultation with an astrologer. <a
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more.</a>.</b></font></center><p><b><font 'arial,helvetica'
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Update:</b> Astrology Secrets Revealed from <b><a
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