Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Are you not supposed to be enjoying your life? If you allow yourself
to feel happy, will you be contravening some crucial code? I only ask
because you now seem to be taking a certain situation very seriously.
Your diligence is laudable but there's a point past which it is in
danger of becoming obsessive. We can say much the same about a fear
that keeps recurring. Be concerned and cautious... but not anxious or
edgy. The more you relax today, the more clearly you'll see answers to
all your key questions.<end/> <followontag>You have just read your
sun sign forecast. Other factors in the sky though, may now be
influencing your personal birth chart. For a full horoscope reading <a
target='_parent'>click here</a> to instantly download

Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<end/><thought>As is often the case when you return home after a
break, you can see things that are not so obvious when you're always
around. As I look around the 'fort' that Eric Francis has just held so
well, I'm aware of how many signs feel besieged by the need to perform
a delicate balancing act. This is linked to the fact that the days and
nights are now of equal length. The Sun, though, has entered decisive
Aries and the astrological new year has begun. If you're wrestling
with a tricky choice, you'll find much gets easier
soon.</thought><p>In the olden days, to get a horoscope calculated for
your exact date and time of birth, you had to be a member of the royal
family. Only court astrologers cast birth charts. Now, we can all be
kings and queens. A full, personal birth chart can't just tell you
more about what (and who) you were born to be... it can list, in
deeply valuable detail, every major challenge and opportunity that
lies ahead for you over the next few months. If you're wrestling with
a tricky choice - or if you want to make more of your potential <a
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size='-1'>Get the "Five Star Treatment!" For a free, no obligation, 28
trial of your exciting new personal service from Jonathan - <a
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