Thursday, June 22, 2006

Your Daily Forecast


Here is today's forecast for Cancer - Friday, June 23, 2006

"If the wolf thinks nothing of dressing up in sheep's clothing, it may
have no compunction about donning other guises. So if, for example,
the Wolf is defying all your attempts to keep it from your door, it
might dress itself up as opportunity. That way, when it knocks, you
will open up!" The message above comes from the Paranoia Society. To
join them, you need do nothing. They're already coming to get you! And
now, your forecast. This weekend, relax. Nobody is trying to trick
you. Apparently you've got a 'problem'. Actually, there's a
solution.<end/> <followontag>I have just recorded your latest in-depth
week ahead prediction. It contains news you need to hear - <a
target='_parent'>click here</a>.</followontag><p><extratag></extratag>

Jonathan's Thought for the Day.

<img align=left
src=""> Do you need
to answer a big pressing question? Would you like me to read your
<b><i>Tarot cards</i></b> for you? For an instant, in depth, on line
<b><i>Tarot reading</i></b> for just &pound;4.95, click <a
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are (or would like to become) a member of our Five Star Service, you
can have your Tarot reading at a special price. <a
href="" target="_parent">Click here for
details</a>.<p><end/><thought>Dear Jonathan,<br>The more I read the
news, the more disillusioned I get. It seems people are more violent
towards each other than at any other time in history. Technology and
progress have brought much more hate and fear than love and
happiness.<br>Steve<p>Dear Steve,<br>If that's the impression you
have, it's only because technology has brought us the ability to know
about matters which used to be hidden from us. The world is actually
rapidly getting better, but ironically as it improves, we're finding
out how bad it has been... and how much better it still needs to
get.</thought><p><b>Special Solstice Offer</b><br>To mark the
Solstice, there's a <b>15% discount</b> on all Personal, Year Ahead
and Compatibility charts from me. To get your full chart, right now,
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size=-1><b>Site Update:</b> Astrology Secrets Revealed from <b><a
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